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"We'll clean your upholstery for $25.00!"  How do they make money?

Upholstery cleaning is becoming increasingly competitive as the space becomes more and more crowded.  Unfortunately, the most compelling customer pitch is usually based on the lowest price, which means margins are thinner than ever.  What can you do about it?

BoAir filters help separate you from the pack

Fact: Most upholstery cleaning service calls are non-recurring in nature - therefore you need to maximize your profit on every outing!

You've cleaned their upholstery, now sell them a genuine BoAir electrostatic filter to help minimize dust, dander and other airborne contaminants.  You'll be doing them a favor and making money at the same time.

Here's how "Upholsteryman" helped Mrs. Smith....

Upholsteryman: "Mrs. Smith we're all done with the upholstery, but let me tell you..... you sure do get a lot of dust in here."

Mrs. Smith: "Why do you think I have so much dust?"

Upholsteryman: "Well part of the problem is that you're using really cheap air-conditioning filters, so most of the dust simply passes through them and gets re-circulated back into the air!  With the amount of dust that we saw, you're probably going to have to clean here more often!"

Mrs. Smith: "Can I do anything about it?"

Upholsteryman: "We'd recommend using a genuine Boair filter.  Not only will it do a much better job of filtering the dust in your house, it's also permanent and washable and comes with a Lifetime warranty!  While it won't completely eliminate dust, it has the potential to reduce it considerably"

(Upholsteryman shows Mrs. Smith a sample filter)

Mrs. Smith: "Wow, I like the look of the filter but it seems like it might be very expensive"

Upholsteryman: "You'd be surprised.  Considering that you should be using a higher quality disposable filter and that they cost around $8.00 each and should be disposed of every 4-6 weeks, you will probably spend around $80 to $100 per year on them.  With a Boair electrostatic filter you simply wash it each month with clean water and reinstall - you'll never buy another filter - ever!  The Boair filter should pay for itself in a little over a year!"

Mrs. Smith: "I'm sold!"

(Upholsteryman measures Mrs. Smith's existing filter, takes the order, faxes it to BoAir and they take care of the rest)